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Friday, December 23, 2011

Gay Pride Is Morphing Into KKK

Some Gay Pride Groups Frequently Harass Catholics and their Churches
(Huffington Post) - Cardinal Francis George, the Archbishop of Chicago, this week told a Chicago news station that he agreed with a local Roman Catholic church's objections to the city's recently-adjusted Gay Pride Parade route passing by its doors and warned that the parade could "morph into the Ku Klux Klan....

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THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: I submit to you the good cardinal is on to something here. What we have emerging in the post-modern 'Gay Pride' movement is gradually morphing into a virulent anti-Catholic community on par with the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) of the early 20th century.

I would like to encourage my readers to be on watch, and alert other Catholics, especially priests and civil authorities, to the Klan-like activities of some of these Gay Pride organisations. Clearly, we Catholics are being targeted by these hate-groups for our religious beliefs. Rarely do these Gay Pride hate-groups go after Orthodox Jews and Muslims with the same intensity. Such systematic 'targeting' of a particular religious group is very Klan-like in nature. While the Klan opposes many religious and ethnic groups, one of the historic strategies of the Klan has been to target one group at a time, focusing all their efforts against one class so as to maximise intimidation.


Anonymous said...

Gays are obsessed with the Catholic church above all others because secretly they admire the artistic aspects of the church which includes church art. Several famous renaissance artists were closeted homosexuals. However, unlike during renaissance times, the current homosexual lobby wants their sexual practices to be socially accepted by the church and the state. They will do everything to denigrate heterosexual love and marriage on television and in the schools. They are bigots against heterosexuals and must be confronted as such; Planned Parenthood is supporting them as a means of population reduction and politicians pander to them by insulting legitimate civil rights movements by associating civil rights with gay rights. They are only 3% of the world population but have been allowed to bully the other 97% through fear tactics. This must end.

Anonymous said...

completely off topic,(but maybe not so much), I'd like to you wish you and yours a blessed and holy Christmas. Pete Frey

Anonymous said...

if the latest news service stories on the UN commission on 'Gay Rights' planned to be unfurled next year is anything to go by, this type of militancy of which you speak is only going to grow worse. With the likes of the patronizing attitude displayed by the likes of some eminent retired High Court Justices here in Australia on the issue, not to mention the behind-the-scenes push by the Greens here to constrain the Australian Labour party to meed their demands, we've a rough road ahead, especially considering the attitude of many priests and parishioners out in the burbs...who, to an ever increasing extent, see no problem with this, and promote it in various ways, all on the quiet, of course, hiding the goings on 'under the rug' as it were out of sight from arch bishops and cardinals...there are not a few bishops who also have no problem here. The boomer, builder and war-baby clerics are at the pinacle of this new acceptance - just another heracy of the hippy generation. We gen X and Gen y will have a lot of cleaning up to do, though sadly, many of the gen X and gen Y are as accepting as their hippy priests etc who have 'formed them in the faith'.

the biggotry is also apparent; we are painted in the same defamitory terms that they accuse us of employing. when this is quietly pointed out, they become rather irate. I cannot get over the dependance on emotionalism they use; emotions are but one facet of who we are, not the sum of our parts.

And yet, and yet, this house built upon sand will fall, this house of cards will topple under its own weight and due to its own defective construction.

Keep speaking the truth as long as you can, sir Knight.

And people, pray the rosary, the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and remember that within 250 years of its founding, subjected to some of the worst persecution in its history, Christianity blazed across the Roman Empire from end to end, adopted by, historians believe, between 10-15% of the population - in an age without the luxury of instant communications we have now with a fraction of the literacy rates we enjoy today. The wicked machinations of mankind will not prevail over Christ's church - never! We have been promised this as a truth indeed.



Anonymous said...

With my very best wishes this Christmas to the very fine individuals who take the time to post here so thoughtfully, and most especially to Mr Knight who shares his gifts and his time so generously.

May the coming New Year, through the power of the Holy Spirit, bring you all joy, peace, strength, and love.


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Comparing the Queer Pride groups morphing into a anti-Catholic community like the KKK is a pretty close call. However, calling them Nazi-like would be dead on target. The Nazi Party was basically a sodomite organization from top to bottom. Abrams and Lively's "The Pink Swastika" gives page after page of solid documentation of the domination of the party by sodomite It's available on line here.

HaroldC said...

I think the Nazis comparison is more apt than the KKK comparison. The KKK wanted to maintain a social order through the use or the threat of state and non-state violence. The Nazis were revolutionary in that they wanted to remove Jews from an already existing social structure and society at large. Homosexuals, more accurately radical activists, are attempting to remove or minimise the influence of Christians in society not to keep Christians down. Both homosexual 'rights' and National Socialist are revolutionary movements. The KKK wasn't. The KKK was a stagnating movement. It inhibited growth and development.

Príncipe Lord Nicus said...

Merry Christmas, Catholic Knight!
Greetings from Uruguay.

johnberkowitz said...

I agree with HaroldC that they are seeking more radical change and hope to get more acceptance by denying the role of church.
It is not just churches what are they invading. It is also the question of neighborhoods.. I found this interesting article about that topic: How Homosexual Households Affect House Prices.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with HaroldC as well. Its really getting irritating. Here's a new post on the topic